Everything to know about simcity buildit game

Simcity buildit is the spin off game which is released by Electronic Arts and it is supporting both android and iOS device. It is free to play game and this game is utilizing the both graphics and music. Actually this game is four main currencies which are most important to win a game and it is helpful to upgrade your building. Simoleons are very important currency and it is earned at game while upgrading the residential areas. At the same time people can get this currency by using your simcash. It is earned by using real world currency or completing the city achievements. These are little simcity buildit cheats which can be used easily, However people must use their hard earned money to simcity buildit game because it is the freemium game.

Basically simcity buildit players can build both residential and commercial building because it is produced the items. Mostly residential zones are needed vast numbers of upgrade but factories are required demolishing. Player must build the two lane roads with the help of build tool because players can’t able to manually build the roads. Actually this game is consisting of two, four and six lane roads initially but now it is having three more road types such as streetcar avenues, avenues and boulevards. Three main residential zones are available in this game such as Parisian zone, Tokyo town zone and residential zone. It is also having three weathers which are including

  • Premium homes
  • Standard homes
  • Luxurious homes

In a starting of game, this city is having only standard residential zone but players should unlock all things with the help of simcash. Basically Parisian zones are having excellent buildings and airports. It is the perfect game to do all real world activities because people must control the traffic. The most important thing they have to control the city pollution or else you can’t able to make simcity people happy.


Residential zones are required some services and this service is really needed for the simcity people such as

  • Power
  • Sewage
  • Towers
  • Wastage management
  • Police
  • Health
  • Fire

As everyone knows each city is consisting of the necessary buildings such as airport, trade depot and port. This city is also consisting of these buildings but players should not build the factory nearby residential area because it is creating environment pollution. It is affecting your city people health so that build the factory far from residential area. Players have to build the roads which are not affecting walking people. You should allocate some areas for parking and you should provide more concentration of transportation. If you are creating plenty of entertainment places then you can easily get positive review from your people. If you are getting more resources then you may win a game. You can also use simcity buildit tricks which is helpful to the people to win a game without using your hard earned money. Simcity is the best game because it is having different kinds of gameplay.…